Robot designed to take care of elderly

Robot to handle elderly made at University of Salford

The robot is designed to take meals to residents

A robot designed to assist deal with elderly people have been invented on the University of Salford.

“Carebot” P37 S65 might possibly be programmed to remind them to take medication and exercise, answer questions or even tell them jokes.

Researcher Antonio Espingardeiro, who developed the robot, said it can help care home staff and improve residents’ quality of life.

It can recognise faces and recall the necessities of every patient, he said.

The robot may also be programmed with speech therapy and object recognition exercises to assist individuals with dementia.

It is in a position to acting as a video link to maintain in contact with doctors and family, playing games and giving updates at the news.

The robot, standing at concerning the height of an individual, could also carry meals to residents.

Mr Espingardeiro is seeking investment to perfect the robot before selling it.

He said: “Care of the elderly is a tough issue but as populations age we’re facing a tricky choice.

“I’ve already established that robots can give meaningful interaction to supplement human contact, and from my work with care homes I’ve seen first-hand how both staff and residents cash in on their presence.”