Staying Fit With A Busy Schedule

Some people do not have time to spend at the gym and take care of their families at the same time. No matter which group you’re in, here are some tips to help you stay fit when you work for long hours.

You can do something for the environment and the heart at the same time by taking the bus instead of the car to work. You have to walk to and from the bus station every day. You may not think this is doing much but his experience for three months helps every bit. If your mobility involves the subway you have the added benefit of climbing stairs twice a day as well.

Reduce or eliminate all junk food, this also includes soft drinks. When you get hungry, instead of burgers or hot dogs, try apples instead. When you’re in the mood for some midday coffee(or tea) drink about two glasses of water instead.

Why the word “Diet” should be banned

The word ‘diet’ is so negative we don’t feel as though it should be used anymore, and below are a few reasons why.

Dieting is temporary. Whenever someone says they are on a diet, it means they are changing their eating habits for a short period of time. That’s not healthy in the long run and by using the word diet you’re always doomed to fail. Being healthy is all abut eating healthy and creating a much healthier lifestyle all round. If you really want to have a body that is happy, start creating tasty dishes with healthy ingredients, stocking up on protein, fibre and good fats. You should wake up wanting to be healthy and not sticking to a food plan that you absolutely hate. Living healthy doesn’t have to be hard, or troublesome, it just takes some getting used to. The healthiest people in the world are those that embrace healthy living as a whole.

Getting fit with a push, pull and legs routine

Have you ever heard of a push, pull and legs workout routine? It’s basically a way of working all of the major muscle groups.

  • A pull day would involve working the biceps and back.
  • A push day involved working the chest, shoulders and triceps.
  • And leg day is, of course, all related to building leg muscles.

By splitting up these muscle groups into activities, it’s incredibly easy to follow, whilst you’re able to get back in the gym the next day by working on a completely different set of muscles, whilst you’re still recovering from the previous workout. It can be a good idea to start by doing 3 days a week and then try to move on to 6 when you feel ready. By working all of these muscles, eating the right food and consuming enough protein, you can quickly build strength and grow in size.

Are daffodils good for you?

As many people know, daffodils are generally referred to as flowers or plants that you can add to your garden during the springtime, and they grow in many different parts of the UK, so it’s not uncommon to see them from March onwards. That said, what not everyone does know, is that many people use daffodils to create medicine. The bulb, leaf and the flower are used to make the medicine, so what are the so-called health benefits: Continue reading “Are daffodils good for you?”

Binge Eating: Why you should avoid going over the top at Christmas

Christmas is a time to indulge in sweet treats and calorific foods that are so comforting and warming. That’s what the adverts tell you at least, but don’t accept this. One month of going overboard on fatty foods can be detrimental to your health, and it can undo the amazing work you’ve achieved in recent months. There’s time for the odd mince pie or Christmas cake, and of course the turkey, stuffing and ‘pigs in blankets’ on Christmas day, however, this does not mean that you need to binge-eat for the entire month just because ‘it’s Christmas’. Take it easy and remember that your body still needs good fibre and nutrition, so keep those veggies, nuts, greens, fruits and proteins coming your way. Keep exercising too, and your body will thank you in January when everyone else in your workplace is left heavy footed, bloated and napping!

Top ways to eat avocado

Avocado has become increasingly popular over recent years, and that’s due to its many health benefits. It is always nice when we find a delicious tasting food that is actually beneficial to our health. Avocados contain good fats and are a great food for those that take part in a lot of exercises. We have outlined our favourite ways to eat avocado:

Smoothie- Avocados work so well in smoothies as they help produce a creamy taste, without adding fatty cream. Their natural health benefits can be consumed in combination with other tasty foods such as peanut butter, berries or green leafs.

On Toast- Nothing beats avocado on toast for breakfast. This meal will set you up for the day, and you get to eat the avocado in its natural form, yummy.

Brownies- If you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle but still crave a sweet fix, try making chocolate brownies, the healthier way. Use avocados instead of oil and butter and use dark chocolate over milk varieties. You will be surprised at how great these sweet, healthy treats taste.

Training for a half marathon

Taking part in a half marathon is a good test of your fitness and stamina as you push your body to its limits trying to achieve a personal best.

Running just over 13 miles cannot be achieved in a day unless you want an injury of some kind. You should follow a strict training plan to reach this target safely and healthily. Your training plan should start by easing you into shorter runs at a steady pace, the distance and effort levels will begin to increase over time. Training for a half marathon can safely be achieved in 12 weeks if you are already a relatively fit person.

A great way to train for a half marathon is by getting a friend to join you in the race and with the training too. This is a good training tactic as you will be able to support each other and spur each other on.