Acai Bowls; The Healthiest breakfast

Acai is not only a delicious tropical fruit; it has an array of health benefits too. Acai bowls are basically a smoothie of Acai berries topped with delicious fruits, granola/muesli and for those peanut butter lovers, you can even top it off with natural peanut butter. This all sounds too good to be true, how can something that tastes this incredible be so good for you?

Many of the Acai bowls are not made from Acai fruit but Acai puree, still providing you with all the health benefits. The breakfast bowls can be made to cater to most diets such as lactose free or gluten free, simply substitute the dairy content with almond or soy based products, and opt for a gluten free granola or muesli.

The main benefits of Acai berries are weightless, improves digestion, heart benefits, skim improvements, immune system booster, anti-ageing and so much more.  So if you haven’t tried an Acai bowl yet, you sure are missing out.