Working from home: the importance of exercise

When you work from home, it’s easy to get comfortable. We don’t just means in terms of work, which hopefully won’t happen, but in terms of health and fitness. When you’re not working at an office or away from home, you can find you’re body and mind is stronger. Working from home can be great but you have to spend time talking to your clients and networking with other people who have a similar setup to you, rather then isolating yourslf. If of course, you have conference calls with your clients often then you’ll be socialising regularly enough, but fitness is just as important. Taking time in the day to walk to the shops or do a 10-minute HIIT (High intensity interval training) exercise will give you the urge to do more with your day. You can do this in the morning before your working day begins and it will make you feel a lot healthier and happier.