Are vasectomies dangerous?

Strange as may sound there are many men nowadays as those in the past, who have decided for all their intents and purposes to tie their ducts. There are many reasons why a man may decide to do so. But the most common reason is that they want to stay sexually active without the risk of impregnating their partners.

There are other ways to stop this such as the partner simply using birth control methods, or both may explore other ways to prevent pregnancy. What you should know is that you should avoid vasectomy at all costs. Sure, it might seem like a good idea now. After all, since it is a way to stop the flow of sperm permanently, but there are also many dangers of vasectomy that you need to know before making such a decision.

Apart from the fact that it leads to permanent change that you may not take back, there are a number of other things to consider. Some of these include major health complications. If you are not worried yet, you should be. Some of these complications can be disastrous, not even to mention painful.

Some of these risks include the worries about unilateral eruptions of the epididymis, a condition where the tubes burst after being tied. The next risk is that of the body autoimmune response. This is where there is no exit strategy because the sperms are still produced. It will get backed up and your body will determine that the sperm is a germ or disease and the body will try to fight off the germs thus putting pressure on your testicles. We should also point out that with a vasectomy, it isn’t the “be all and end all.” For example, many men choose to undertake a vasectomy reversal, but this again reiterates how important a decision it is to have a vasectomy, because it’s an expensive procedure to reverse it.

There is also not a guaranteed success rate with either a vasectomy or a reversal, so do you really want to spend money or even undertake on the NHS knowing there’s a small chance it’s not going to have the effect you want. How terrible would it be for you to say you have absolutely no chance of impregnating your partner, only to find she falls pregnant a few months after the procedure. That’s’ actually happened for many couples so do appreciate it’s not guaranteed to take.

These are just some of the dangers of vasectomy that you need to worry about. You are free to take this procedure if you wish, but it is advisable to look for alternative methods before choosing this surgery. This procedure is unnecessary, and in my opinion, dangerous. We hope that the future will be a brighter place where common sense is placed above relevance and where the ethics of medicine are restored or revised.