Vasectomy Reversal

To anyone who is considering a vasectomy reversal, it is good to know that reversing a vasectomy is not unusual. Actually, advances in the technology means an experienced doctor can offer great chances for success. So rest assured that vasectomies can be reversed.

The decision of seeking the best vasectomy reversal is much tougher to make than undergoing a vasectomy, which is a quite simple and straightforward procedure, whereas a reversal is a much more complex microsurgery. This is a surgery which can last about 3 hours, and which requires technical skills that only doctors with extensive training can perform properly.

It is a common myth that urologists who have wide experience in vasectomies can just perform reversals. Nothing is further from the truth than this, and only specialised doctors should be considered for the best reversal to avoid any complication. Another common myth that is circulating is that reversals just do not work, due to anti sperm antibodies; but, these antibodies fade away in many cases and are not significant issues regarding reversals. Although it might seem to be viable and logical alternative, professionals in fertility don’t recommend In Vitro Fertilization or IVF, as an alternative to reversals. One of the main drawbacks to In Vitro Fertilization as an alternative to reversals is the great number of procedures which both the couple has to undergo. The single procedure of reversal is the better option.

It has been estimated that almost half of vasectomy patients ultimately seek to undo the procedure with various reasons ranging from the feeling of inadequacy, to people who can develop a condition known as Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome. Additionally, personal situations may have simply changed.

In the search for an appropriate vasectomy reversal professional, peer reviews and recommendations from the medical practitioners can be extremely helpful, with the primary medic a great source of information. A list of particular questions should be prepared in advance in order to alleviate very real concerns.

Total costs can also be an issue, as reversal procedures are normally not covered by medical insurance, and can be a substantial financial burden. Online advertisements about vasectomy reversal professionals abound. So, extreme caution is highly advised, and the word of mouth is probably still the best method of settling on the best qualified doctor.

It is also advisable to undergo the reversal within the shortest time period since the vasectomy was performed, and the higher will be the chance of success of the reversal, where restored sperm count may be the determining factor for theĀ  impregnation.

Luckily, newer procedures have been developed to help in achieving the best vasectomy reversal that is minimally invasive, like the no scalpel technique which is conducive to minimal trauma for the person. This is also referred to as the “key hole” method.

Once a person has decided to take the next step, he should search for the best microsurgical professionals and vasectomy reversal clinics in his area and talk further about his decision.