The Importance of Core Strength

Getting “ripped” is the ultimate goal of most people’s workout sessions, but doing this without any understanding of how to build up real strength can have very superficial results. You find that, amongst many “fit” people, their muscles are mostly superficial; comparing them to somebody who has built up their strength and muscles in the proper way clearly demonstrates where their failings lie. The reality is that even if you have tremendous musculature on your arms and shoulders, your ability to utilise all of your muscles is severely reduced if you don’t have correspondingly strong muscles throughout your core to support the activities.

A good example of how people can go wrong is with weight training with partners. While it can be important to train with and amongst other people to help motivate each other, having somebody’s help to manoeuvre those weights into place can allow you to train with weights that are more than your body is suited to. This can cause your various muscle groups to develop imbalances, which can, in turn, lead to a number of problems with your joints and posture. The key with weight training is to train with weights that you are comfortable with so that you can build up a balanced body.