Junior doctors withdrawn at hospital

Bedford Hospital: Trainee doctors withdrawn over ‘concerns’

Bedford Hospital said trainee doctors had expressed concerns

Junior doctor training have been stopped at an immense hospital in Bedfordshire and an MP has called for an inquiry.

Concerns were expressed in April that Bedford Hospital NHS Trust had too few consultants for paediatric and maternity cover while instructing medical trainees.

The trust said it could recruit staff but Health Education East of britain stepped in and withdrew its trainees.

Bedford MP Richard Fuller called for an inquiry into what had happened.

The Conservative said he desired to know why trainee doctors were left on this situation.

“It’s right to invite why the junior doctors’ concerns about supervision weren’t addressed more quickly,” he said.

“Or is it a case of 1 of 2 senior doctors not doing what the trainees expected of them?”

‘Inadequate levels’

He wants an inquiry to reply these and other questions on the hospital’s performance.

Dr Barry Monk, who had campaigned to maintain the hospital open when it was under threat two years ago, said it was a unprecedented step for a General Medical Council department to take out junior doctors while they were being trained.

Bedford Hospital NHS Trust said it was working with partners around the region to make a decision how the local health economy would safely manage the ongoing delivery of children’s services.

It would announce changes to how a number of its children’s services are delivered once possible.

In an announcement, it said: “This follows a choice by Health Education East of britain, the body answerable for doctors in training and the overall Medical Council, to temporarily withdraw essentially the most junior medical trainees from Bedford Hospital’s paediatric department.

“This decision was taken after trainee doctors expressed concerns about inadequate levels of senior clinical supervision.

“Without these junior doctors, who form an integral part of the medical workforce, the trust cannot safely provide all paediatric services.”