Getting Ready for Dental Surgery

Many complications may necessitate a dental surgery. The most common is the extraction of wisdom teeth otherwise known as third molars. For some people, these teeth grow where they are supposed to but for others this is not the case. The wisdom teeth may emerge only to find the jawbone is not large enough to accommodate them or get trapped between the gum and the jaw. This results in extremely painful swelling and even development of infections which could affect the teeth adjacent to the area and therefore necessitate fast extraction of the tooth. Other conditions that make dental surgery necessary may include cancers that need to be removed. Whatever is the case, you need to be prepared adequately for your surgery as this will help you recover much faster.

Have you booked a dental surgery in Leicester or anywhere else in the country? Then you need to understand what the procedure will basically involve so you know how you need to prepare. It is a rather simple and uncomplicated procedure after which the patient is allowed to go home a few hours later. It will also not take long like other complicated surgeries would. Upon arrival at the dental clinic, you will be taken into the operating room, allowed to relax and local or general anaesthesia applied. The dentist will then carry out the procedure painlessly and after relaxing for a while you will be allowed to go home and recuperate if all goes well.

So, how do you get ready for a dental surgery in Leicester? The very first step is to book the date of the surgery that is convenient for you and your dentist early in advance. On prior visits, confirm what you need to take with you on the actual day of the surgery. Plan a suitable means of transport to take you to the clinic and back. Do not opt to drive yourself though as most anaesthesia has sedating effects that render you unsuitable to drive. Talk to a relative or friend you trust to be your designated driver for the day.

Remember to prepare for the after-care duration too. You will need bed rest for the next two days after the procedure so you better get extra pillows for more comfort and get as many books and magazines or a TV set to keep you entertained during this time. This time is needed for the initial pain and swelling to go away. Also have ice cubes ready for this time as they will come in handy in helping ease the swelling. Postpone all engaging appointments too as at this time you are required to rest and avoid any strenuous activity.

Your dentist will advise you to fast the night before the surgery for a period ranging between eight and twelve hours as is necessary. Be sure to follow these rules as they will determine the outcome of the procedure. After the procedure, do not set aside hard foods like pop corn for your consumption. Rather settle for soft foods rich in vitamins A and C. Avoid extremely hot or extremely cold foods and do not take alcohol, smoke or drink using a straw for the next 24hours after the surgery as this could jeopardize your healing process.