Doctor ‘mixed up’ boy who died

Doctor admits ‘mix up’ after six-year-old Jack Adcock dies in hospital

Jack Adcock’s mother described him as a “tough little cookie”

A doctor has admitted “mixing up” a six-year-old boy with another patient and said she did not recognise his “grossly abnormal” blood results.

Jack Adcock, from Glen Parva, who had Down’s syndrome, died after being admitted to Leicester Royal Infirmary on 18 February 2011.

Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba told an inquest she had stopped staff who were treating Jack because she mistakenly believed he had a “don’t resuscitate” order.

He later died of pneumonia.

’12 hours without break’

Giving evidence on the inquest at Leicester Town Hall, Dr Bawa-Garba told the coroner, Catherine Mason, she must have checked Jack’s identity before stopping resuscitation.

She said: “I must have checked the face before stopping. But I have been working for 12 hours without a break.”

She added once she realised her mistake she returned to Jack and tried to continue treating him.

The inquest, which began on Monday, also heard Dr Bawa-Garba had recently returned to work after 13 months of maternity leave.

She told the coroner that in that point she had become “deskilled within the management and treatment of concern” and had did not recognise Jack was in shock.

She said she also didn’t recognise his “grossly abnormal” blood results.

Previously, Jack’s mother Nicky had told the hearing “there has been no urgency” when Jack was admitted with breathing difficulties.

She had said there has been never a “don’t resuscitate order” given to Jack, whom she described as a “tough little cookie”.

The inquest continues.