Decrease in ‘man boob’ operations

‘Man boob’ ops drop while facelifts soar, BAAPS figures show

The variety of operations to address ‘man boobs’ has fallen by a fifth some time past year inside the UK, data on plastic surgery suggests.

Meanwhile women had more procedures to inject fat than to take away it for the 1st time.

Eye lid surgery in addition to face and neck-lift operations both soared in popularity in both sexes in 2012.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) said overall the variety of procedures was stable.

There were 43,172 surgeries achieved by the BAAPS 230 surgeons last year.

There were 642 operations on moobs – man boobs – down 18% from 2011.

Breast augmentation was again the most typical procedure within the UK with 9,843 going under the knife. That was a fall of one.6% at the previous year, which was put right down to the health scare around PIP breast implants.

There were concerns in regards to the implants rupturing and leaking non-medical grade silicone into the body.

Fat movements

Fat transfers which take fat from one a part of the body to inject into another, often the face, increased by 13%.

Face lifts were more popular in 2011 than the former year

It was one among a collection of anti-ageing procedures which increased in popularity among persons prior to now year. Facelifts went up by 14%, brow lifts by 17% and eyelid surgery by 13%.

However, liposuction and tummy tucks both fell by greater than 10% in women and men.

The president of BAAPS and consultant plastic surgeon, Rajiv Grover, said: “The expansion rates for surgical facelifting and other anti-ageing procedures showed a double digit rise, despite a double dip recession.

“Whilst there’s an undeniable rise admired for non-surgical treatments of the face, as an example Botox and fillers, once there’s actual loose skin inside the neck or jowling, only surgery is probably going to make an important improvement and the general public look increasingly conversant in this.

“The considerable drop in body-shaping procedures including liposuction and tummy tucks can be because of people choosing to go back to the gym, perhaps inspired by an unforgettable summer of Olympic golds!”