Antibiotic ‘apocalypse’ warning

Antibiotic ‘apocalypse’ warning

Drug resistance is a controversy in tuberculosis

The rise in drug resistant infections is analogous to the specter of global warming, in response to the manager medical officer for England.

Prof Dame Sally Davies said bacteria were becoming proof against current drugs and there have been few antibiotics to switch them.

She told a committee of MPs that going for a routine operation could become deadly as a result of threat of infection.

Experts said it was an international problem and needed way more attention.

Prof Davies said: “It’s clear that we’d never see global warming, the apocalyptic scenario is that once i want a brand new hip in twenty years I’ll die from a routine infection because we’ve run out of antibiotics.”

She said there has been just one useful antibiotic left to regard gonorrhoea and drug resistance was a gigantic problem in tuberculosis.

“It’s very serious, and it’s totally serious because we’re not using our antibiotics effectively in countries.

“There’s a broken market model for making new antibiotics, so it’s an empty pipeline, in order they become resistant, these bugs, which they might naturally but we’re breeding them in due to the way antibiotics are used, there’ll not be new antibiotics to return.”

Possible solutions shall be included in her annual report back to be published in March.

Prof Hugh Pennington, a microbiologist from the University of Aberdeen, said drug resistance was “a completely, very significant issue”.

“We do must pay far more attention to it. We want resources for surveillance, resources to deal with the issue and to get public information across.

But he said it was not a difficulty entirely of the UK’s making.

“Individuals are going abroad for operations, going abroad for, as an instance, sex tourism and bringing home gonorrhoea that is a giant problem with regards to antibiotic resistance – after which there’s tuberculosis in lots of parts of the realm.

Prof Pennington said the medicine companies had run out of options too as the complete easy drugs have been made.

“We need to notice that we’re not going to have new wonder drugs coming along because there just are no.”