‘13,000 cancer deaths might be saved’

‘13,000 cancer deaths is also prevented’

Being active is a technique of cutting your risk of cancer

At least 13,000 premature deaths from cancer may very well be prevented per annum within the UK, says the arena Cancer Research Fund (WCRF).

It says the govt could do more to elevate awareness of ways people can reduce their cancer risk.

The announcement comes as a survey showed that a 3rd of Britons still believe that developing cancer is because of fate.

About 157,000 people die of cancer annually within the UK.

Although the mortality rate is expected to continue declining, because of a growing and ageing population the collection of deaths is predicted to rise to about 182,000 deaths by 2025.

The WCRF survey of greater than 2,000 adults suggested that 28% of individuals think there’s little that may be done to avoid cancer.

Cancer myths

But Dr Kate Allen, executive director of science and public affairs at WCRF, said: “These results are an actual concern because they show that an important proportion of folks don’t realise that there is a lot they could do to attenuate their risk of cancer.

“By eating healthily, being physically active and keeping to a healthy weight, we estimate that a couple of third of the most typical cancers can be prevented.

“Everyone has a task to play in preventing cancer but governments and health professionals are key to raising awareness and making it easier for people to switch their lifestyle habits.”

The Union for International Cancer Control, a non-governmental organisation working across 155 countries, estimates that 1.5 million lives may be saved worldwide if urgent action is taken to boost awareness about cancer.

Otherwise, it says, there can be six million premature cancer deaths by 2025.

The UICC and the WCRF want governments and the general public to dispel four important myths and misconceptions about cancer, namely that cancer is solely a health issue, that it’s a disease of the rich, developed countries, that it’s a death sentence and that obtaining cancer is right down to fate.