Should I Give My Child Multivitamins?

Every child should take some form of a multivitamin. No matter how good they are with eating their food, there can still be a lack of some of the vitamins entering their body. Allowing them to take a single multivitamin a day helps to boost their vitamin intake. This does no harm to their bodies, and will just give them a much-needed vitamin boost which may help to keep them happier throughout the day. The main vitamin that children lack in their diet is Vitamin D. This one is received into our bodies from the sun. With the lack of sunlight currently, it is likely they may become Vitamin D deficient. Multivitamins contain a small amount of Vitamin D that your child needs for the health of their own body. Health visitors across the United Kingdom are now recommending that you give your child vitamins from as young as 2 years old to keep their body healthy and on track.