LockDown 2 – The Impact On Our Mental State

We have all made it through the first nationwide lockdown. However, this second nationwide lockdown is going to be much more challenging. Especially for those of us who suffer from mental health issues. In this article, we are going to discuss what impact this could have on our mental state and how we can prevent this.

Lockdown 2 is going to have a massive impact on our mental state. Anxiety and depression rates are going to rise across the nation. It is going to be tougher due to us essentially being able to go back to normal. Yet we have now stuck inside again. This time will be worse, the days are darker, with not as much vitamin D entering our bodies, making us all a bit more down in the dumps. The main way which we can prevent this is, no matter what the weather, get outside. Go outside for your daily exercise. The fresh air will do everybody some good.