Top ways to eat avocado

Avocado has become increasingly popular over recent years, and that’s due to its many health benefits. It is always nice when we find a delicious tasting food that is actually beneficial to our health. Avocados contain good fats and are a great food for those that take part in a lot of exercises. We have outlined our favourite ways to eat avocado:

Smoothie- Avocados work so well in smoothies as they help produce a creamy taste, without adding fatty cream. Their natural health benefits can be consumed in combination with other tasty foods such as peanut butter, berries or green leafs.

On Toast- Nothing beats avocado on toast for breakfast. This meal will set you up for the day, and you get to eat the avocado in its natural form, yummy.

Brownies- If you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle but still crave a sweet fix, try making chocolate brownies, the healthier way. Use avocados instead of oil and butter and use dark chocolate over milk varieties. You will be surprised at how great these sweet, healthy treats taste.