The Importance of the Lymphatic System

One of the areas that receives very little attention by the public, and even during doctor visits, is the lymphatic system, or lymph system. The lymphatic system is a series of tubes running throughout the various areas of the body, known as lymph vessels, and lymph nodes. The lymph vessels serve as the highway on which lymph is transported.

Lymph is a fluid that closely resembles blood plasma in substance, and contains a high concentration of white blood cells. This is because the Lymph system is an essential part of the immune response, particularly when it relates to possible infections caused by injury.

It is also closely involved in the fight against tumours. Because it is so involved in fighting cancerous tumours, the lymph nodes often become contaminated with the cancer cells, and so the lymph system is usually the first place cancer will spread to.

The lymphatic system actually has a lot of bearing on our day to day health. This is because so much of the waste our bodies generate, and a lot of the bacterial contamination our skin is exposed to, gets dealt with primarily by our lymph system.

The day to day concerns people should have about their lymphatic system primarily relate to the closely related issues of blocked lymph nodes and poor lymph circulation. Each of these problems can increase the stress on your immune system and result in lower abilities to fight off infection and remain healthy.